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My name is Lex, (Alexa) I'm a Jersey Girl -- Headed to Colorado to start the next chapter with the love of my life! I'm a college student getting my degree in Psychology & Sociology to work with injured veterans and their families.

I am a CrossFit athlete & a field hockey coach. I'm currently studying to get my CrossFit Level 1 Cert.

I'm the proud girlfriend of a U.S Marine, CJ. He is my BEST FRIEND & I love him to pieces !

I'm on a journey to a healthier, fitter better me. On my blog, I track my own progress as well as find fitness motivation for myself and my followers.

Feel free to ask me questions/message me .. anything. I love to help in anyway I can -- Whether it's Military or Fitness related : )

Personal Stats:
Height: 5'0"
Starting Weigh/Heaviest t: 156lbs
Current Weight: 138lbs
Goal Weight: .. Don't really have one .. In CrossFit I'm gaining muscle and the scale seems to be a dirty liar! .. I just want to be healthy, fit and happy with what I see!
Sorry it’s backwards .. But this is my March-April progress picture :)

Sorry it’s backwards .. But this is my March-April progress picture :)

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